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Plastic411 on YouTube

This 9 minute video is an overview of the Plastic411 training program. It includes training set up and includes testing and testimonials from students.

Press & Production floor training is the best method of plastic injection training! This video explains WHY..

The video above outlines 15 reasons companies fall short of following scientific molding based systems. It goes over controller, material mold, process and the Intro to Scientific Molding timeline. It also explains how to avoid these mistakes, and follow the standards of scientific process.


Consultation- Processors take a processor assessment to determine their skill set level. They are also asked to participate in testing that through a specific set of questions helps to determine training needs. In addition, the plant manager is asked to give his own personal assessment as well as answer a series of questions that identifies what equipment, approaches and procedures needing to be addressed to assure that the training is company specific focused.
Orientation-Training direction is defined based on the data collected by myself and the participating company. Training objectives and depth are defined such as: standardized set up, quick change over (NASCAR), controller training, process set up, process development, process control, process recording and monitoring, scientific based protocols and procedures. In addition, a free consultation is offered during the training to assess the company’s needs and direction.
Reinforce- Once the assessments are complete, a training plan is developed and implemented. The training is a 2-day production floor intensive class that teaches each team to implement the core values. Training utilizes your plant’s own in-house equipment to instill real world on-the-job processor training. Classroom training is only 20% of the overall training session.
Evolve- 30 days after the class, a follow up conference call is offered. During this call, growth within the team is evaluated and advice is given to help the teams’ skillset to keep evolving.

Plastic411.com was originally created in 2007 as 4plastics411.com. The primary purpose of the website is to give the plastic injection industry an avenue to share information, training sources, tools and technological advancement through forums, communication and sharing.

Plastic Injection Training

PLASTIC411: Mission Statement

Test your knowledge of plastic injection

Welcome to the Plastic411 Processing Assessment. Upon completion, this test is designed to identify
plastic injection skill level. Skill range is from material handler to process engineer. The printable version is available for purchase.